About the Blog

I’ve been raised in a Christian home, and my parents were faithful to teach me about my faith.  I’ve attended church all my life, participated eagerly in Sunday school, and eventually, my church’s youth ministry.  To a lot of people, I may have appeared to be that girl in Sunday school who always seems to know all the answers to all the questions…but I didn’t.

Last August, I attended my church’s youth retreat.  I came home excited by my faith; I felt different.  But as the weather got colder, so did my passion for God.  By December, I was in a really tough place spiritually.  I didn’t know what I believed, why I believed it, or even if I wanted to believe it; in fact, I was pretty sure I didn’t.  This continued on for several months until a few of my friends started asking me about Christianity.  The “girl with all the answers” suddenly was the “girl with no answers.”  These weren’t the softball kinds of questions from the teacher anymore.  These were deep, well-thought-out questions, and I found that I couldn’t answer them.  So, I started reading; reading about whether or not the Bible was true, how could God be good when there was so much evil in the world, and other questions.  Through my reading, I learned a lot and found the faith I was looking for.

I don’t know what has brought you to this blog today or where you are spiritually.  Maybe you’re like me and you’ve been raised to believe certain things, but you’re not sure why you believe them.  Or maybe you have no background in spiritual things, but are looking for answers to some questions that you’ve had about God or faith in general.  My goal, through this blog, is to share what I learned through my studying and talking with my friends and I hope it can help you too in your search for answers.


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