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Such a Time as This

Posted: August 19, 2011 by clairer in Uncategorized

With the start of the school year just around the corner, many of us are finding our circumstances around us changing. Instead of lounging on the beach, we’ll be sitting in class. Instead of hanging out with friends, we’ll be meeting for study groups. Instead of pleasure reading, we’ll be reading textbooks. Moving back into the daily grind can be challenging and I won’t be surprised if in the next few weeks, I find myself wishing I could be outside doing something fun instead of sitting at my desk studying. However, as we move into our new routines and new schedules, I think it’s very important that we remember to ask ourselves a question: whether or not we’re happy in our circumstances, is it possible that God has put us into these situations for such a time as this?

One of my favorite stories in the Bible is the story of Esther. I love it not only for the bravery Esther showed, the irony of the plot, and the faith displayed by Mordecai, but because it shows how God sovereignly places people in just the right places in order to accomplish His will.

Esther was not living in the most favorable circumstances imaginable. True, she was queen (which is a lot more comfortable than being a slave), but she was an orphan queen in a foreign land, married to a man with a large harem.  She was snatched from her people, and was living under a false pretense (she told no one she was a Jew). She could not come to her husband without fearing for her life. She would have had every right to question God’s plan for her life — especially after being approached by her cousin Mordecai about petitioning the king for the life of her people (a life-threatening task). Yet God placed her in these circumstances for a specific purpose: to preserve the lives of the Jews in Persia. As Mordecai said to her, “And who knows but that you have come to a royal position for such a time as this?” (Esther 4:14b)

God had orchestrated the events of Esther’s life in order to ensure that His purposes would be accomplished. But this isn’t something that God reserves only for Bible times or only for “important people’s” accomplishing extraordinary feats (like preserving a race of people). God still puts us in situations and circumstances for specific purposes in order to accomplish His will.

I have been personally reminded of this as I’ve just arrived back at college. Although the road was not always clear, God has orchestrated events in my life to bring me to this place.  Because this is where He – in His sovereignty and wisdom – has placed me, then I need to be on the lookout for what He wants me to accomplish for Him while I am here. Who has He placed in my life that He wants me to reach out to? What struggles have I been surrounded with that I need to use to grow in my faith? What tasks or activities would He like for me to do and how would he like to use these things in my life and the lives of my friends?

As this new semester is beginning, we need to remember that God has placed us wherever we are for such a time as this. We just need to ask ourselves why, and then, like Esther, be faithful to boldly step out and act upon what God has called us to do.