God and Disney World: Creativity

Posted: June 22, 2011 by clairer in Creativity

We had beautiful weather for my family’s 10-day vacation in Florida. The sun shone, the sky stayed blue and cloudless, and even the temperature generally stayed below 100 degrees. It was perfect…except for the night when we were supposed to attend the sound and lights water show at the Hollywood Studios Disney park. Then the storm came. As we drove back to our hotel amid the rumbles of thunder, the spectacular flashes of lighting, and the pouring rain, my brother made an interesting comment: We may have missed out on Disney’s show, but we were getting a magnificent sound and lights water show from God — on a far greater scale than Disney could ever accomplish.

As I reflected on that comment, I realized how true that was of so much of Disney World. I loved the Disney attractions. I enjoyed the boat rides that took me through worlds of animatronics, the safaris that drove me through the “plains of Africa,” and the rides that flew me over the canyons and forests of the world and through waterfalls and jungles. All these things were fun to see and do, but none of these attractions were real. They were all copies and simulations of the real thing. They were replications of the real world that God created.

I think it’s interesting that one of the most creative companies in the world still could not even come close to the creativity and ingenuity of our Creator. True, Disney could make human being animatronics, but these “humans” were stiff, robotic, brainless, and only a shadow of the beauty and creativity of true living humans that God has fashioned. Disney could take tourists through rain forests of the Amazon and desserts of Africa, but only by means of fake plastic plants and gigantic movie screens. Even the attractions with living creatures — like the Safari in Animal Kingdom — was a simulation of the greater natural and free creation God made in the real African plains. In the end, the best that Disney could offer its visitors was a shallow and condensed reflection of God’s world.

This really shows the wonderful power and creativity of our God. Mankind’s power to create is limited. We may think we’re creative, inventive, and powerful, but in the end, our best is easily beat by God. Think of all the greatest accomplishments that mankind has achieved. We are able to communicate with each other from around the world without wires. God was able to communicate from heaven to earth starting in Genesis. We are able to send men into space to explore planets, stars, moons, and galaxies (although we have yet to land on a planet or go very far into our own galaxy). God created the universe and knows each star by name. We are discovering cures to a whole host of diseases. God has been healing people throughout history.

Ultimately, the greatest things we do as mankind are dim reflections of the beauty, creativity, ingenuity, and power that our sovereign God has already displayed. In fact, the most creative and brilliant minds that are a part of Disney…those minds were hand-crafted by the ultimate Creator.

  1. nbarden says:

    Yeah…every time I see something about cloning, or genetic engineering, or something like that, I have the same thought. The arrogance that science puts forward is astounding.

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