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It’s all over the news. The Republican party has swept through the nation, taking many many of the seats held by Democrats back in Washington.  The phrase “Change in Washington” keeps getting thrown around as the newly-elected Republicans vow to repeal healthcare and to fix the economy.  Sound familiar?  Didn’t someone else promise change just two years ago?

In the 2008 presidential election, President Obama’s rallying cry was “Vote for Change!”  He promised to fix the economy, to fix healthcare, to fix everyone’s problems.  People were in tough situations in the middle of a recession.  They wanted someone to change things and President Obama was promising to be that person.  He was promising to be their savior.

The problem was that President Obama and the Democrats couldn’t live up to people’s expectations.  No one could.  The people wanted a messiah, and no matter how hard the president or any other elected official worked, he couldn’t save people.

Now, two years later, the same thing is happening.  People are still in difficult circumstances and they want someone to change things — someone to save them.  So, once again, the people voted for change and voted in the Republican Party.  But will this really solve everything?

The problem is that people are looking for a savior in the wrong places.  Ultimately, no human can ever live up to the perfection expected of political leaders.  No one can ever solve all the country’s problems and make everyone happy.  No one can make life perfect.  People want a savior, but they won’t find it in political leaders…no matter how much change is promised.

In the end, only God can be relied upon to change our lives.  He is the savior that everyone is looking for in all the wrong places.  He’s the one — not politicians — who understands exactly what every individual is going through, and He’s the only one who is concerned about not just our material problems but also our dire spiritual state.

Jesus already solved our biggest problem — our sinfulness — by dying on the cross for our sins.  He already has begun to change our lives as we follow Him.  He always hears our prayers and listens to what we have to say.  He’s the perfect “representative” as he mediates between us and God.  He won’t ever fail.  He’s the only one who lives up to and exceeds all expectations.  He —not Obama, not the Republican Party   nor any other political institution —is the Savior.

And, thankfully, God is unchanging and sovereign, and can never be “voted off” His throne…